1*M AR Tiny Angels PWP Party girl LA 2015 VEEV90                                                 D/O/B  3/23/11
Sire: Prairie Wood Preston
Dam: Tiny Angels Hannah Montana
Broken buckskin with white

1*M AR Humble Acres LB Mercy 2016 LA VVVV 87                                               DOB 6/22/12

Black and white

Sire Tiny Angels Levi Blue- Picture by Tiny Angels Farm

Dam Humble Acres Electra- Picture by Cindy Bachand

SS- Morning Star NR Moonshine-Picture by Tiny Angels Farm

SD- Tiny Angels Bambi's Sonnet-Picture by Tiny Angels Farm

DS- Fairlea Agamemnon-Picture by Cindy Bachand

DD-Flat Rocks Something Wild-Picture By Dragonfly Farm

SG 1*M AR Stonebroke Farm GR Windy River  2017 LA +VVE 87                              DOB 5/29/12

Buckskin with white and roaning

Dam- Dawnland Mohawk's Rose du Jour

Sire- Dawnland Tabby's Geronimo

SS- Rosasharn Tom's Water Tabby+*S-Picture By Cheryle-Moore Smith

SD- Lost Valley TB Checotah- Picture by Dawnland Farm

DS- Dawnland Tabby's Mohawk- Picture By Dawnland Farm

DD- Pecan Hollow C Fairy Rose

 Kidding History

2014 Triplet doelings

2015 Quads 3 Does/1buck 

2016 quads 3 bucks/ 1 doe

2017 quads 2 does / 2 bucks

Show History 1X first place 2-3 year olds 2014

Reserve Grand Champion 2015 Bangor State Fair under Judge Justin Lesniak

Reserve Grand Champion 2016 SVDGA under judge Joan Dean Rowe

Reserve Grand Champion 2016 Ossipee Valley Fair

Grand Champion Senior Doe 2016  Skowhegan State Fair- Restricted leg

Reserve grand champion Vermont Show 2017

Reserve Grand Champion Bangor State Fair 2017

Kidding History

2013 Doe

2014 twin does

2015 twins buck and doe

2016 Single Doe kid

2017 twins buck/ doe

1*M AR Humble acres O Talisman    VVVV 87                                                                                                                            Sire: Rosasharn GF Oba

Dam: AGS Humble Acres Totem

Show History
2016  Skowhegan State Fair Reserve Champion Senior Doe Judge Tom Cox
Kidding History
2015 Triplets
2016 Triplets
2017 quints

2*M AR Old Mountain Farm Lilura  VEE+ 86   DOB 5/19/2009

Chocolate and cream Buckskin

Sire- Willow Moon Farm Witch Me Luck *S

Dam- Flat Rocks Casual Elegance- Picture by moonacres farm

SS- Rosasharn UR Sun Ray *S- Picture by Cheryle- Moore Smith

SD- Gnome Rock Farm Tabitha *D-Picture by Willow Moon Farm

DS-MCH Ponders End FO Minstrel Show E

Flat Rocks Costume Lady


Kidding History

2013 Twins

2014 twins buck and doe

2015 Single Buck

2016 Twin Does

2017 twin does

SGCH 3*M Zeack Farm JB/L Lil' Layla  2016 LA VEEE 90              DOB 3/27/11

Light Buckskin with White

Sire- Old Mountain Farm John Busha

Dam- Old Mountain Farm Lilura

SS- Old Mountain Farm Just Zip It- Picture by Cheryle-Moore Smith

SD- East Rivendell HK Ruby D- Picture by Cheryle-Moore Smith

DS- Willow Moon Farm Witch Me Luck

DD- Flat Rocks Casual Elegance- Picture by Moonacres Farm

1X ADGA Reserve Champion- under Judge Tracy Stempke 8/3/2014 Bangor Maine

1X ADGA Grand Champion under Judge Katie Wolfe 9/20/2014 Farmington Maine

1X ADGA Grand Champion under Judge Kassandra Abrams 9/21/14 Cumberland, ME

5X Best of Breed

SGCH 1*M AR Weedy Tavern Farm Naomi 2016 LA 90

Sire- AGS Tiny Angels Moon Shadow

Dam- AGS Tiny Angels Bambi's Sonnet

Show History
2016 Grand Champion Senior Doe Bangor State Fair
2016 Grand Champion Senior Doe Blue Hill Fair Under Judge Katie Wolfe
2016 Best Of Breed blue Hill Fair
2016 Best In Show Blue Hill Fair
2017 Grand Champion Senior Doe Bangor State Fair
2017 Reserve Grand Champion Senior Doe
Kidding History
2016 Triplets 2 Does 1 Buck
2017 triplets 2 bucks 1doe