Denbow Acres                                 Registered Nigerian Show Goats

Herd Tested Negative for CAE 

Herd Tested Negative For CL 

About Us

We are a small Nigerian Goat Farm Located In Berwick Maine. I came to love the breed. Very loving social little critters. My kids husband and I worked hard to get the herd that we have. Excellent blood lines good Health and great show goats.These animals are like my kids. I would give the world for them. We do a combination of dam and bottle raising and we spend a lot of time with the babies so they are extremely friendly.   


I provide good quality dairy goats for sale. We do not provide buck services.  You can reserve babies at anytime. I also have adult goats for sale sometimes. Deposits are nonrefundable. Goats milk.


We are qualified Dairy Goat Show Herd. We are members of AGS and ADGA. We breed for conformation and milk production and to better the Nigerian breed. Our goats are very friendly and are handled Daily.  We Do a combination of dam raising and bottle feeding. We are also working on soap making this year 2016-2017 please look for updates I am looking forward to this. We are on DHIR and Linear Apprasil With ADGA PLUS. Many of our Does have Superior Genetics and have earned their milk stars through ADGA. 


2 Denbow Lane, Berwick, Maine | 603-970-1404